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Thursday, 27 February 2014

Jibran Raheel (Interview)

A new singing talent for Pakistan is residing in Dubai these days with his parents. Jibran Raheel was born in Karachi on September 24, 1988. He went to Everest Grammar High School and privately graduated in commerce. He is the eldest of four brothers and his entire family is highly supportive of his interests in singing professionally. About his family Jibran says that, “They are so proud of me. They support and encourage a lot.” Although he works in a courier company’s wholesales department as CSR handling their international clients, he is serious about pursuing singing as his career. He says that, “I will take my singing as a profession and I am happy with company management. They are very supportive.” Every aspiring singer has an admiration for accomplished musical idols. Jibran seems to be inspired by musicians of Pakistan and India a lot than any other place. Sonu Nigam is his idol and he also likes Shankar Mahadevan. Rahat Fateh Ali Khan is also an inspiration to him. About his music Jibran says, “I like it solo. I compose and I write songs myself.” He has also outlined what kind of music he is into and what people can expect from him saying, “Basically I like melodious songs but I sing rock and soft rock. Versatility is very important and I have that in me. From M. Rafi’s oldies to Dhinka Chika I can sing anything.” All the young aspiring singers can take Jibran as an example. For someone who just entered a talent hunt competition out of merely trying his luck, he has really been living his dream since then. What pride and joy there is in being personally selected by great musical genius of our time, A. R. Rahman, is something being taste by Jibran and he now does not want to close the door of an opportunity that has opened. He learnt about this talent hunt show when one of his friends informed him about the auditions taking place. He says, “The first thought came in my mind was that there will be a lot of singers of different nationalities, because in Dubai you can find every nationality. But at the same time, I was confident enough to go and give the first audition in front of Sukhbir Singh and two local RJs, Neil and Charu. I was confident enough to get selected. I was a bit nervous during the final audition taken by A. R. Rahman himself. But then he chose me to perform with him.” His story tells all of those out there wanting to have such a door open for themselves that never give up and try out your luck. May be you do have a talent and may be someone will surely recognize that in you. Just believe in yourself as Jibran does and you too can be a star. When I asked what attracted him to singing in the first place, he replied, “My dad also sings. So it’s like in my blood. And singing is a challenge for me. It’s my passion. I love to sing. I can sing anywhere. Singing is everything for me.” Now, one can see how much he is in passionate about singing. Such should be the passion in aspiring young artists for whatever art they want to perform in life. But all this does not come so easy, one has to be prepared. Jibran says, “I practice every day. I take out time from my busy schedule and practice even for 30 minutes. Practice is the first priority. I thank God for giving me that attention what an artist gets.” His first official performance as a singer was on the 9th of December. Then he also performed with Shankar Mahadevan live in concert. He later got the opportunity to meet with Rajesh Roshan and performed in front of him. He got a trophy at the show called Andaz-e-Rafi. His music video will be out soon in the market and will also be available on YouTube. Prior to getting this big break with A. R. Rahman that gave him the limelight, he performed in the students’ singing competition called “LG Awaz Banaye Star”. He reached semi-finals and sang in front of Hadiqa Kiani, Nizar Lalani and Ustad Salamat Ali Khan.

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

ZaiinUl Abideen (Interview)

The multi talented guy Zain trying his best to lighten the name of Pakistan. According to him he has worked with many Indian artists and not only this but his work has also been nominated for many known awards e.x LUX Style Awards. The hard work he do can be seen by his work. He does RJing, composing,singing and I think he should be awarded as the "multi tasking guy" Name:Zaain Ul Abideen Nickname: Zaain D.O.B: 20th June 1986 Zodiac sign: Gemini Favorite dish:Chicken Biryani Dream: To make all my dreams come true Tell us about yourself? A simple person not so complicated to understand First things first your voice… why is it so pleasant, what’s the secret behind your voice? Everyone is blessed by some gift by the nature….HE chose to bless me with a good voice and that’s the only NOT so secret about it! Who inspired you to become an Rj, singer, composer? I am driven by myself that is the original part about my work in all capacities How do you manage all of these things together like Rjing, singing and composing? When your work becomes your passion it doesn’t require any managing techniques….things just happen with the flow of the rhythm You are now a known celeb of Pakistan how does it feels when people are like “who dekho zain”? I thank my Lord for His blessings and at the same time try my best to keep my head on my shoulders. What were the most embarrassing moments in studios and concerts? Haven’t faced any as yet! Any stupidest thing you did and still remember it? You need an exclusive page space for that question ;) lol Any upcoming projects? I have finished my audio recordings for the new songs and the videos are in progress. Other than that I am working in collaboration with some famous Indian composers for my new album which I plan to release on an international level. You the stuff done by you was nominated for big events/awards how do it feels? Awards are always encouraging for the artist and luckily my work has been recognized and appreciated in the form of different awards and nominations such as LUX Style Awards, Pakistan Media Awards etc. You are in this Rjing field any tips for the people who like to be a RJ? To become an RJ one must have a great sense of humor, wit, compatibility and the confidence to stand up to your words. Who is that one person you would like to thank and say sorry to? Actually it’s not just one person its my entire family to whom I would like to thank for their continues support and appreciation towards my work and my apologies also for my family as they had to bear with me, my odd timings and my lifestyle. Define love? Love can never be defined as it is the infinite feeling and the only truth for the existence of the entire universe You after 5 years? 31 years old ;) lol Any message for your fans? I would like to thank all my fans for their love and support. Keep unity and practice patience as we lack these qualities as a nation. Live and let live! Views about UmerRockin
? You fill in the answer yourself!

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Asim Azhar (Interview)

Asim Azhar, one of the youngest artists out there and also a favorite of many girls. Now a days rocking Pakistan by the covers he's doing. This young guy has a passion of sharing music in different forms to the world. According to him "music has no boundaries." A good looking guy with a charming voice. What else can one ask for? Here are few words we had with Asim.
Name: Asim Azhar Nickname: Don’t really have nicknames as my name itself is pretty short aha. D.O.B: October 29th Zodiac sign: Scorpio Favorite dish: Steaks. Dream: My dream is to be overall successful in life. And do what I like to do for living. Sounds easy but I know I’ll have to work hard to achieve that. Tell us about yourself? Well I’m just a regular teenager. I like to have fun in life, never get tired of going out. Love to play sports! I’m the type of kid who can be very mature where its needed but at the same time still have the young kid inside me. One thing though, I’m not much straight forward which I need to be. I’ll go out of my way to make someone else comfortable which sometimes I regret. SWAG or CLASS? I’ll be honest. A bit of both Studies? Don’t enjoy it very much. I’m being honest aha. But that doesn't mean I don’t. Its obviously very important and even if you don’t like it you have to and think how its going to benefit you later. First things first your voice… why is it so pleasant, what’s the secret behind your voice? I have a fairy. That comes at night and gives me magical candy to eat for my voice. Haha just kidding. I don’t know man, is it pleasant? And if it is, I think its just what I came with in life maybe. Who inspired you to become singer? No one. Music itself inspired me. You kind of look like Justin Bieber? Any proposal from any girl coz of the same looks? I do? I don’t think so. I mean not that I hate him but I think we both look different. So not exactly because of that reason maybe. But I do get proposals more than I ever used to now.. Wonder why. Aha How do you manage all of these things together like singing and studies? I don’t let any of them come in each other’s way. Because both the things are very important to me. I sing when I don’ t have anything to study, and I study when I don’t have to sing. You are now a known celeb of Pakistan how does it feels when people are like “wo dekho asim”? I’m starting to get used to it now. But I honestly feel very blessed. Because not everyone gets the opportunity you know. So I try to be as much as thankful and humble towards the people who approach me. What were the most embarrassing moments you faced in a gig or concerts? As far as I remember.. Nothing yet. Thank God haha. Any stupidest thing you did and still remember it? I put the car lighter on my thumb while it was on when I was around 6. I didn't know it was a lighter so out of curiosity I put it on my thumb. Can you believe that? How stupid do you have to be to purposely burn yourself? Unless you’re done with life.. Very stupid of me. Favorite singer? Michael Jackson, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, John Legend, Craig David
Any one female and male singer you would like to collaborate with? Female singer would be Zoe or Rachel Viccaji and male singer I don’t know yet. Any upcoming projects? Yes, a lot of things are in process. Just waiting for the right time to announce. Who is that one person you would like to thank and say sorry to? I would like to thank my mother for being such an amazing mother and say sorry to the same person as well because I know sometimes I can be hard to deal with. Haha Define love? Love is not a fairytale, but its also not suppose to be as hard as people make it. Oh and one more thing, teenagers claiming to be in love every other day now, trust me, its not love. You after 5 years? No one knows the future so I guess God knows better. But where I think will be is on my couch watching a football game eating chips with my belly hanging out. Okay, just kidding. But I hope its somewhere in music. Good music. Any message for your fans? Yes, well obviously I’d like to say thank you. Because they are the ones who are spreading and appreciating my music the most. And remember, keep calm and eat pineapples. Don’t worry, my fans know how random I am.
Views about Umer Rockin? It’s a very cool website/blog. To be honest, this is the first time I heard about it but its pretty cool. The design of the website makes it pretty attractive which is a good thing. Keep doing what your doing UmerRockin!

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